How to Get and Keep a Job

How to Get and Keep a Job

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Welcome to Jim Comiskey’s Blog: How to Get and Keep a Job, a place where parents and educators alike will find valuable information that is relevant to helping young people do just that. Author, entrepreneur and business consultant, Jim has a wealth of information to share about the skills and traits needed to compete in today’s workforce. He’ll be joined by guest bloggers like Mindy Bingham, author of the best-selling Career Choices series, and others. Check back here each week for Jim’s take on what is needed to help students learn How to Get and Keep a Job now!

His book A Teen’s Guide to Career Success: How to Get and Keep a Job is now available on Amazon for purchase.

If you want to succeed, never stop learning!

Career successPosted by Jim Mon, May 11, 2015 23:48:55
In the fast-paced and constantly changing job market, one of the most important skills you must develop is your ability to learn. Today, being literate does not only mean being able to read and write, it also means being able to learn, unlearn and relearn. You really need to be a life-long learner.

The jobs that generate the highest paychecks usually require extensive training and learning. Employers want employees who will adapt to the workplace and learn the tasks quickly. Put simply, the faster and more effectively you can absorb new knowledge and professional skills, the more you increase your opportunities and the more successful you will be in your career.

This is true regardless of the career path you choose. Don’t be afraid of positive change – learning experiences help you grow and constantly become better. If you cannot learn new skills and increase your knowledge, others in your field who are eager to improve will move right past you. While you are stagnated, they will keep getting better and outperform you.

To become a good learner, start by seeking out more information about things you don’t know and also about things you already know about. When you come across something you don’t understand, be sure to ask questions to find answers – this is what successful people do.

In A Guide to Career Success: How to Get and Keep a Job, you will find more helpful tips and much more advice and real­life examples of how to apply this.

Remember, your willingness to learn, to change and adopt new, better ways to do your job are what will ultimately determine your success.

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